thanks for stopping by, Here's all the information you may want to know about me or my work! 

  • Who is tanya khanijow?

Well, I am a girl who set out to travel and make video blogs after quitting my full time job in online advertising in January 2018 when I was just 24. I took to YouTube and through my videos I've been able to provide travel information and garner a like minded audience. Through this website I aim at sharing the behind the scenes of travel, all kinds of travel information covering cost, itineraries, stories and also an insight into my life and thoughts. Also, for those of you wondering, now my full time job is creating YouTube videos and online content.  

  • next obvious question, why did you leave your corporate job?

I am not against the concept of a corporate job. A lot of people love their full time 9-5 jobs and the stability of a regular income. For a good quality of life, everybody needs a job, but what most people sometimes don't understand is, that YouTube is also a job if you treat it like one.

I was always fond of photography and eventually decided to start making a video randomly one day during my trip to Pondicherry. I loved the idea of creating videos instantly once I started. Ever since it's been a a little bit of an obsession. I love cameras, shooting equipment, reading about them, using them and the art of creating videos. It was natural to me then, that I wanted to turn to YouTube when I saw a potential career in it. Now I feel, a career in YouTube is actually more work on a day to day basis, than my corporate job was. But I love it anyway!


  • How did you start your journey on youtube?

Starting a YouTube journey is not difficult, all it takes is signing up on the platform, which is free and making up your mind to upload regular videos. I feel creating videos is a skill that anyone can learn over time with regular practice without taking a formal course (I didn't either). However, you will never learn without uploading consistent videos. When I started, I uploaded at-least 1 video every week, and haven't stopped doing that till now. I started off with creating videos that were shot on phone. Now I have been able to upgrade to better equipment over time. 

  • Is uploading one video a week enough for YouTube success?

Yes and No. Yes, because by uploading regular on YouTube, you realise how much work you actually need to put into making videos, coming up with ideas and shooting & editing footage. You either realise that you love doing it or that it is not your cup of tea. That realisation is the first step to understanding if you can pursue uploading YouTube videos as your career. 

No, because with regular uploads, you need to make sure you make better and better videos each time, to attract an audience towards your work. This may mean increasing your production quality and content. For real success you have to strive to create better content which lies at the very core of being a YouTube content creator.


It may also mean a significant initial investment towards the growth of the channel without any significant return. 

  • how do you afford to travel often? 

Of course, this is one question I get asked a lot! If anybody sets out to create content around travel, they should be able to travel first. When I had a 9-5 job, I used to save up and travel as often as I could by planning my leaves and long weekends carefully. But besides travel, I also saved up for rainy days. When I decided to quit my job, I started saving with the next 6-7 months of travel in mind. When anyone starts off with the objective of creating travel content on the internet, they have to manage their own means and ways of travel. This could mean having a regular source of income with a corporate job, a freelancing job, or anything that can get them going. I was no different, I saved up, did some financial planning and spent on travel optimally. 

Now, through YouTube content creation, I have been able to afford travel by partnering with travel companies and brands on a regular basis that see any form of merit in my content for their brand. If you are a brand who wishes to work with me, you can request me to send a media kit by sending an email on

  • can I get travel sponsorship to travel the world? 

Travel and tourism is a field where there is a lot of potential for content creation, especially when it helps other people make smart travel choices. But when you get travel sponsorship, that means, that someone is actually investing in the value you can bring to them in terms of spreading the word or their branding. If you can do that through your work, then you can definitely get sponsorship. 

But please don't start any work on the internet or on social media with the end goal of sponsorship or monetary benefits. It is important to understand that the path to any kind of social media benefits, is long term and will require significant hard work and your own investment first! Only pursue it if you are truly passionate about your work, your content, and can dedicate all your time, effort, energy and enthusiasm into it. 

  • what is your advice to social media beginners

Please be who you are, unapologetically first. Once you start off with anything on social media like blogging, Instagram, YouTube, first try to understand who you are and what kind of content you would like to create. Don't follow internet norms, popular tags or sensational videos. After you start with who you are, the second phase is geeking it out and learning a few things about how the internet works. Get down to understanding the norms of the internet, like SEO, instagram aesthetics, YouTube branding, thumbnails, photo editing, video editing, camera operation, graphic designing, marketing etc. The internet is full of resources, don't ever be afraid of learning. You will learn what works for you and your style the best, with a little bit of experiment. That is the best advice I can give beginners.    



lastly, why do you travel?

It's funny how I chose to answer this in the end. But this is literally the core of what I do and who I am. So, let me tell you plain and simple. When I wasn't a traveller, I always though travel was a luxury that the rich could afford. But when I started traveling myself one day, I realized that the last thing that it is, is luxury. It doesn't matter if you travel by plane, train, bus, in the mountains, by the beach, whether you camp out, hitchhike or stay in a resort. What matters is, that when you inconvenience yourself and head out of the comfort of your home, you learn a little more about who you are, about the ways of other people's lives, about different cultures, and more than anything you learn how vast the world is and how many possibilities exist within in. You learn to respect other people, you learn to respect differences and embrace them. Through my videos I not only aim to show about travel and inform people of places, I aim at showing a little bit of this thought too. If you haven't watched any of my videos, you can head over to channel or read through my blog stories, don't forget to SUBSCRIBE :)